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About Kingdom Builder Foundation

  • A California nonprofit corporation that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and allows for tax deductible giving.
  • A legal entity, and as such is not legally connected with the PCUSA.
  • Served by a board of trustees which includes:
    • a Chairman, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
    • an investment team of highly experienced money managers who have demonstrated acumen in financial investing.
    • lawyers and financial advisors with great judgment and expertise in estate planning.
    • the Pastor of SBPC.
    • the Executive Director of SBPC.
    • two active SBPC elders.

    All board members are required to be members of SBPC at the time of their service.

  • Served by volunteers who bring their time and integrity to guide the Foundation, as well as work with donors to determine the most appropriate ministries to which to direct their gifts.
  • Financially self-sustaining
  • Does not compete for annual SBPC stewardship money, and does not consume or sustain annual SBPC operating costs.
  • Required to report to Session at least once a year.

The Kingdom Builder Foundation has been prayerfully and thoughtfully structured to instill confidence in potential donors. However, the Foundation’s other primary focus, on par with its physical infrastructure, is the quality of those who serve. The Kingdom Builder Foundation is made up of people whose daily commitment is to submit to the will of God, be led by the Holy Spirit and seek a closer walk with Jesus Christ.


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