Matumaini | A Mission Success Story

Success Story

Matumaini may appear laid back to pass by, oh no! in fact the opposite is the truth. It is be deep, intense, challenging, nerve raking and very stressful. BUT GOD the Almighty has promised to make all things beautiful in His time.

By the grace that was bestowed upon me, I have had a blessed time with the children and with the children and together have helped to transform each others our lives to you to continue with your support to our children

I Thank you very much for all the help you gave for us to realize the name "Matumaini" (Meaning "Hope") to the children, staff and myself.

I am kindly appealing to you to kindly continue and consider increasing your sponsorship as the children are still there even when I left MRC and their needs have increased. Let's try to sustain them and help raise the bar to greater heights. I pray that let the children never know hunger, thirst, illness, nakedness or fear. By God's grace we can make it happen.

Once again Thank you for all the help and support. God bless you!

Rev Florence Habwe
Centre Director

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