Please review the criteria that we use to review all applications. If your project meets these criteria, we'd love to have you apply.



  1. We ask that all applicants pray for discernment as to whether KBF is the right foundation for your needs.
  2. Application demonstrates significant Kingdom impact potential in terms of breadth (number of lives changed) and/or depth (spiritual growth) in Christ’s name
  3. Stated ministry or activity of the applicant is aligned with the Vision and Mission statements for Solana Beach Presbyterian Church
  4. The applicant is (or affiliated with) a non-profit, 501c3 entity who will receive the funds
  5. With a heart for seeding new ministries and programs through our grants, KBF does not support ongoing day-to-day operations (e.g. salaries, benefits, utilities) or facility needs of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church or any other entity. These types of expenses may be considered for seeding or start-up activities.
  6. KBF will consider funding multi-year grant requests (no greater than 5 years) for a project that states clear annual milestones that will be met as conditions of funding
  7. The application does not request funds for the same project funded by KBF within the last 12 months unless approved as a multi-year grant
  8. Applications for seminary education leading to a degree will not be considered by KBF (inquire regarding the SBPC Seminary Fund)
  9. Should your application request be granted, you will be required to complete post grant follow up reporting & interviews.


Twice a year we meet as a team to review applications, pray for guidance on how to evaluate their needs and discern which grants to award.

2022 Spring Monday, May 16 3 PM PST
2022 Fall Monday, October 17 3 PM PST
2023 Spring Monday, April 17 3 PM PST
2023 Fall Monday, October 16 3 PM PST