To date, The Kingdom Builder Foundation has granted over $1.4 million to Christ-centered ministries around the globe.
Below are resources to help you learn more about estate planning and how you can participate in God's plan through for the World through the Kingdom Builder Foundation.


Additional resources include:

  • How to Complete the Grant Application (a webinar) - A video of the webinar we gave to organizations seeking grants from KBF. This video will help you understand what we are looking for in a successful application, and the process for completing your application.
  • Kingdom Kit - The Kingdom Kit is a personal record book to organize valuable papers, important information, possessions, and provides a guide for will and trust planning. This set of documents has served many members of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church who have completed it as the foundational directory for their estate plans.
  • Letter of Intent - The letter of intent is a document we use to solidify your interest in contributing to the mission of Kingdom Builder Foundation.>
  • KBF Brochure - A trifold that describes the mission of our Foundation.
  • Information Request Form

August 20, 2020 LIVE with Pastor Mike from SBPC on Vimeo.

The Foundation will convert all non-cash gifts, such as highly appreciated stock or property, to cash as soon as possible and invest the proceeds in the professionally managed Foundation investment portfolio.

All gifts are tax deductible.

Giving Opportunities
Your gift can make a dramatic difference in the hearts and lives of individuals and whole communities. With prayer and support, a Foundation representative will assist you in designating where you would like your gifts to go.